The Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay-June 2, 2013

We signed up for the Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay to have some fun and enjoy ourselves. Two friends signed up one team and I, with two others, made up another team to do the relay event. Our friends and amazing volunteer, A.Co., ran the 5k and then counted laps for one of the other teams. We had talked a couple about the race but didn’t much thought into it outside of planning on running it.

Details: The Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay & 5k is put on by Dynamite Endurance Events who did a great job of organizing an outstanding and fun race. It’s at JDL Fast Track in Winston Salem, NC. The 5k is only 10 laps of the 500 meter course. The Marathon and Marathon Relay is 84.4 laps of the course. You could register for the Marathon, or a 2-, 3-, or 4-person relay team. We choose the relay options, but 12 hardy individuals choose the Marathon option. One of them had run in over 1000 marathons during his life. Can I just say “WOW!”.

Our race: We decided on race day how we were going to run and manage the race. I had two teammates for “Three’s A Crowd”, Cara and Bekah. We had a blast along with “The Woo Hoo Girls” Melanie W. and Katie. Our team decided to run 8 laps (4000 meters) and hand off. We did this 3 times before running 4 laps (2000 meters) the last round. Our volunteer counter, Val, did an amazing job of keeping us on track with our numbers. All the marathoners and relayers started at the same time. I ran the first leg and felt pretty good throughout. This continued for 3 rounds between my teammates and I. As we preparing for the last set of 4 laps each, we talked about how we would could not believe the runners running the marathon. Props to all of you. We finished in a pretty good time.

It would not have been as much fun were it not for our group of 6 friends, running and volunteering. The volunteers and the other runners were also awesome, just generally talking to one another with many words of encouragement.

Needless to say, this is an event we plan on running again next year and we plan on bringing more friends.



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